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Embarking on the sēk Journey:

Your Investment Blueprint


Pre-opening training & support

Pre-Opening Training & Support:

Immerse yourself: Spend a transformative week training in the serene surroundings of Franklin, TN.

Mastery awaits: We guide you through the intricacies of studio operations — from cutting-edge equipment and technology to astute financial management.

Local resonance: Grasp the art of resonating with your community. We empower you with tailored advertising strategies and the tools to efficiently operate your studio with a streamlined team.

Launching your studio

Launching Your Studio:

Enjoy our hands-on presence: As you unveil your sēk Sauna Studio, our dedicated team offers onsite support, ensuring a seamless transition.

Continuous growth: As a franchise owner, you're not just investing in a business, but joining a family. Relish ongoing mentorship, driving both your personal and professional evolution, making sēk an integral wellness hub in your community.


We're proud to partner with Benetrends Financial to fuel your entrepreneurial dreams.

What is Your “Fundability

Pre-Qualify for funding to determine how much and what sources of options are available to you. Plus, you’ll have faster access to funding, allowing you to open your sēk Sauna Studio sooner.

Benetrends Financial

Innovative Funding Strategies for sēk Sauna Entrepreneurs

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Benetrends Financial

Benetrends Program Information

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Understanding Your Investment Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate the path to wellness entrepreneurship with our detailed responses to common queries.

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*Exclusions apply.  Please consult with our funding experts for full details.

**SBA Loan Money-Back Fee Guarantee: If Benetrends accepts your application for processing, we guarantee your application will be approved or we refund 100% of our fee.

***Once approved, a financial package will be needed for verification.