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History & Growth of sēk Sauna Studio

The story of sēk Sauna Studio is a testament to vision, dedication, and the transformative power of wellness.



In the heart of Franklin, Tennessee, our journey of holistic wellness began with the grand opening of our flagship sēk Sauna Studio.


Always innovating and keen to enhance our client experience, we introduced sēk Sauna Parties, a distinctive and immersive revenue stream that blends relaxation with social connectivity.


Deepening our dedication to top-notch wellness solutions, we incorporated the Celluma DELUX, a full-body LED light panel. This addition ensured our sēkers had access to the pinnacle of therapeutic technology.


In our continuous pursuit of wellness excellence, we introduced the invigorating Cold Plunge, adding yet another dimension to our array of rejuvenating experiences.


Recognizing the transformative impact we had on the community and seeing the burgeoning demand for our unique wellness ethos, we proudly unveiled our franchise ownership opportunities, marking a significant milestone in our growth story.

Growth Map

We value each of our franchisees as a vital member of our family. Our growth map reflects our commitment to nurturing and expanding our sēk family with care and purpose.

= Birthplace

= sēking Future Growth

= On the Horizon

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